Information Quality to Support the Department of Defence

Information Quality is thrilled to have been notified of its successful bid to join the Defence Services Support (DSS) Panel. Department of Defence have chosen to leverage a total of 24 skillsets from the tender IQ submitted, which include but are not limited to the following;

• Program Management Services including Information & Data Management.

• Engineering & Technical Services including Systems Engineering and Maintenance & Reliability Management.

• Material Logistics Services.

• Commercial Services.

• Corporate Performance Services.

• Authoring & Writing Services.

Information Quality looks forward to translating experience gained within the resource sector for the benefit of Defence. It’s no secret that there are significant Defence projects already underway with many also on the horizon, IQ will support Defence to maximise their return on investment from these projects by realising the full potential of their operational information and data. Furthermore, Information Quality is excited to contribute to the sovereign security of our nation.