Who We Are

Information Quality specialise in Information and Data Management including development and implementation of management strategies, administration, population and maintenance of intelligent engineering systems and the implementation of optimised information management solutions.

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Information Quality have established a solid reputation supporting the engineering industry in the specification, validation and handover of information for megaprojects and operating assets and have a solid range of competencies and experience across all aspects of Information Management.

Headquartered in Perth, with a base in Brisbane and international partnership through the Intelligenz group; Information Quality provide global reach with local service.

“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.”
John Ruskin

What We Do

Information Quality believe that simple and effective access to relevant and reliable information, drawings and documents is imperative to effectively operate, maintain and upgrade new and existing facilities.

To assist our clients in enabling reliable access to this key information, IQ provides high quality Information and Data Management solutions supported by dedicated Design, Systems Administration and implementation personnel. Information Quality can assist you to create a fully integrated information vision and strategy to ensure that you realize the full potential of your information and data.

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Information Quality have extensive experience in assisting facility operators in the development and implementation of strategies, processes and procedures to ensure that relevant and reliable information is always retrievable for Operations, Maintenance, Projects and Emergency situations.

Our experience in dealing with major clients means that Information Quality have the tools, personnel and expertise required to enable EPC’s and their subcontractors to produce all of the required deliverables to major Projects with particular regard to specified formatting and content.

Information Quality’s experienced and dedicated team are fully capable of creating new standard templates and seed files, working with existing client templates, or modifying contractor deliverables to meet client requirements. With this flexibility and our dedication to delivering quality product, IQ are able to ensure that our clients can always produce accurate information for Operations, Maintenance and Design teams in the most efficient manner possible.

Utilising the latest industry standard software applications, Information Quality can create, modify and administer key information deliverables, ensuring that all teams and decision makers can always rely upon the information and data presented to them. This confidence in presented information allows the efficient use of resources across all stages of a facility’s life cycle.

Call Information Quality today and start leveraging our unique expertise and experience to improve your Information and  Data quality and efficiency.

Quality Assurance

We think that the most important aspect of delivering quality products is the Quality Assurance process.

IQ apply the highest standards of QA to all activities, both internal and external, and subject all deliverables to rigorous checking and re-checking prior to release.

It is a core value of Information Quality that any Design, Drawing or Dataset provided or administered by IQ will be managed in such a way as to provide the client with the highest degree of confidence in the product.

Deliverables from Information Quality will always contain Quality Information.

Corporate Ethics

Information Quality was founded with and has retained a strong set of corporate ethics. Privately and Australian owned and operated, Information Quality is beyond the short term profit drivers of listed competitors.

IQ have a corporate mandate to operate in a fair and transparent manner with clients, employers and suppliers and have continued to grow based on the relationships developed with these key stakeholders.

Australia’s premier information and data management service provider.