Operations Support

Information Quality enjoy long term support partnerships with leading Owner Operators, for the provision of Operational Readiness and Production support.

As a trusted extension of our partners’ operating teams, Information Quality provide critical reassurance that new projects, including modified and upgraded existing plant, has the information ready for Design, Construction, Commissioning, Start-Up and Handover.

Once plants are up and running, Information Quality provides key production and operations strategic support including the development of Asset Reference Plans, Production Reporting, Technology Evaluation, Configuration and Implementation, and general Operations Support.

“There is no such thing as luck. There is only adequate or inadequate preparation”
Robert A. Heinlein


Operations Readiness

IQ's Operations Readiness framework, when followed, delivers an asset or project that meets the basis of design, is aligned with operational requirements, and contributes to ensuring maximisation of asset lifecycle value.

Our expertise in developing a bespoke client Operations Readiness System ensures that projects comply with the commitments detailed in the relevant Case for Safety, Environmental Plan, and Technical Standards, and are delivered with effectiveness, efficiency and safety as key deliverables.


Corporate Operations / Standards

Information Quality routinely develop corporate standards for implementation by major operating companies.

By detailing the standards to which each project or maintenance task is to be performed, we assist operators to meet compliance obligations, achieve commonality of effort and detail company requirements to contractors.

Over-specification of requirements and lack of clarity in specifications are two of the most commonly identified causes of project and maintenance cost balloons. These cost overruns can be easily and effectively negated with clear and concise requirement documentation.


General Operations Support

As well as preparing detailed Operations standards and specifications, Information Quality provides general Operations Support, which can be as simple as updating or developing Operations Procedures. Preparation of Permit to Work standards, processes and workflows or the development of production reporting dashboards.