Completions and Commissioning

Completions and Commissioning are pivotal to the success of any project. With the ever increasing scale and complexity of facilities, effective completions and commissioning methodologies have become not just desirable but mandatory.

Information Quality Personnel have been pivotal in the completions and commissioning of projects and facilities of all scales in fields including infrastructure, energy, Defence, Oil, Gas and Mining.

With remote, offshore and international experience, Information Quality can develop and implement completions capitalisation and commissioning strategies at a corporate, departmental or project level.

“If you don’t know exactly where you are going, how will you know when you get there?”
Steve Maraboldi


Completions Data Development

The initial scoping exercise of the completions and commissioning effort is the key to an effective and well executed commissioning scope. This in turn enables an effortless, transparent and effective handover from project to operations.

Our ability to interrelate and cross reference engineering, maintenance and construction data into the completions information set allows the most efficient development of commissioning systems and completions data, simultaneously ensuring that data managed across systems is correct, relevant and consistent.


Commissioning Management

Information Quality personnel have decades of experience in the development and management of completions and commissioning scopes, possessing the skills and tools required to manage completions and commissioning efficiently and seamlessly from FEED to Start-Up.
Information Quality can perform all aspects of the completions and commissioning scope including the development of corporate and project philosophies, processes and systems.
Commissioning planning and progress reporting is pivotal in the effective performance and reporting of the commissioning scope. The commissioning processes and reporting algorithms must be of the highest integrity to instil confidence in management and legislators alike.


Data Integrity

During the commissioning phase and first cycle operations, a plant undergoes more technical change and queries than at any other time in its operational life. It is imperative that the data verified, generated or questioned during this phase is correctly reported and recorded.
Information Quality processes and procedures facilitate the feedback loop from the field to engineering and maintenance datasets, providing correct and validated data to all consumers of information.
With clear processes and off-the-shelf methodologies, Information Quality provide simplicity and integrity to the completions and commissioning data management processes. Simple yet robust systems are the backbone of commissioning compliance.