WSDS Cable Schedule Remediation and SetRoute data Conversion

Information Quality were engaged to convert Instrument and Electrical cable data extracted from EPC’s proprietary cable routing database to a master dataset within Hexagon® Smart® intelligent toolsets which could be maintained during Operations.

IQ’s Smart Electrical® and Smart Instrumentation® administrators loaded the routing data in a staging database, cleansed and structured all information, then incorporated the latest as-built markups from production MOC’s.

The IQ team then worked with client DBAs to develop import protocols which enabled successful loading of cable and termination data into Smartplant® systems.

From the Smartplant® systems, Cable and Termination Schedules were produced and issued to client, providing improved visibility of information and enabling future management of change.

The work performed in these intelligent design tools facilitated intelligent engineering and digital delivery, supporting the digital twin and digital operations.