ProDat.web live in local Data Center with Single Sign On

During Q2 of 2023, the IQ ProDat development team relocated the ProDat web servers to our hardware in the local data center and moved ProDat security to the Single Sign On model.

ProDat has been used within IQ since inception, predominantly for maintenance builds and engineering data management. The ability to link the maintenance build, engineering information and commissioning information was a key driver for ProDat.

The unique consolidation of these information sources was foundational to exceptional delivery on a number of projects, and the ability to interact with the systems via an intuitive web interface was seen as a game changing evolution in the ongoing system development.

With ProDat actively utilised on a number of client projects, the universal access to information provided is driving improved working processes and results.

From maintenance builds to class library management and key list generation, the ability to easily retrieve relevant and reliable information is proving a step change for our clients.

The ProDat development path holds a number of key updates, so a busy year ahead for the team.

Having available through the web interface supports digital transformation for our clients and enables the Digital Twin.

For more information regarding ProDat, please click here to access the ProDat webpage.