ACS Information Management Special Interest Group – Leveraging intelligent solutions into Operations

As one of the founding directors of Information Quality, Jason Ward plays an active role in mentoring IQ’s employees and has a strong focus on continual improvement and innovation within industry. Through his associations with the Australian Computer Society, Jason was invited to present to the Perth ACS Information Management Special Interest Group.

Jason shared his experience from recent Major Capital Projects and Operating Facilities from around the world, discussing current challenges within industry and how effective strategies and processes can be implemented to improve the availability and quality of information enabling an efficient, reliable and safe working environment in Operations.

The presentation was well received by the group and initiated active discussion from the audience on issues currently faced by organisations, industry best practice, current technology, innovation and the future of information management in the resource sector.

IQ are a strong believer in supporting local business and community and as such, actively pursue contribution to industry through support, mentoring and training.