Woodside Process Safety Management Initiative

Following the successful completion of Woodside’s Safety Critical Element Management Project (SCEMP), IQ are thrilled to be engaged to review and revise all of Woodside’s onshore asset safety critical maintenance.

The PSMi project is a Woodside initiative to review, refine and improve safety critical maintenance across all assets. IQ are engaged to review the current RAM parameters for each element and validate the RAM requirements based on the criticality of service together with updating SAP.

From the RAM review, the maintenance requirements will be determined and the existing processes reviewed and validated. Maintenance data on each element is to be reviewed with omissions and integrity issues rectified. IQ have been pivotal to the success of this project being responsible for the following;

• Identification of all safety critical equipment.
• Review of current SAP build against performance standard requirements.
• Build all maintenance plans, procedures and task lists for SAP upload.
• QA SAP builds and facilitate load process.
• Assist with the development of performance standards.
• Engagement with Woodside operations and production personnel in Perth.
• Liaising with site based planners, schedulers, engineers and technicians to ensure new requirements were understood and implemented effectively.
• Facilitate engagement with site based personnel to ensure that the required shift in culture was amicable and accepted – this was a significant undertaking of which IQ were pivotal.