Preparation for Mobile Execution

When new technology is rolled out, it is imperative that the transition is well planned, communicated, executed and reviewed. The transition from paper-based completions to mobile, tablet-based execution for our client presented a unique set of considerations and requirements.

Technology reviews, workflow management and process enhancement to garner the maximum possible benefit from the technology step change were all factors in the successful transition from traditional techniques to cutting edge methodologies.

Information Quality were able to assist the client to implement workflows and processes which enable the real-time data gathering from and into the Smart Completions (ex Continuum Edge) system, raise punch items using voice recognition and dictation, import field photography directly into test forms, and electronically redlining drawings in the field.

Moving to new technology can create a wealth of efficiency, when the move is well planned, communicated and executed. Contact Information Quality for the advice, assistance and oversight needed to modernise the way your commissioning is executed and managed.