Information Audit and Consolidation

Over time, the information generated and maintained during day to day business becomes increasingly confused in content and structure. Few organisations retain robust data structures, making it progressively more difficult to locate reliable information.

“As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information” Benjamin Disraeli

Information Auditing

The regular review and audit of corporate, asset or project information is highly recommended to provide confidence to operators, management and legislators of the ease of access to current, reliable information.

This recommendation is one of the most common and consistent findings of tap root and other incident investigations across the industries in which we operate.

Information Quality are able to review all information artefacts in an existing plant or organisation and identify those which are a true reflection of the physical world.

Reviewing the multiple sources of information and where necessary comparing to the actual installation, we allow business operators to utilise information with confidence.

Data Consolidation

Consistently during the audit of information, and often during incident investigations, available information is identified as conflicting, out of date or unavailable.

Consolidation of disparate data sources is key to providing a single source of truth and ensuring that all required information is available when required.

Information Quality have the skillset and experience to review the data available and consolidate all information into a single reliable information set. Information Quality can provide and implement solutions to enable simple and efficient retrieval of information when and where required.

With all information centralised and accessible through an intuitive interface, engineering, operating and maintenance hours are significantly reduced, and rework minimised.

Brownfields Modernisation

Information Quality routinely convert legacy data and drawings into electronic formats prior to clients performing modifications, saving on engineering hours and physical rework.

Combining engineering information skills with modern laser scanning and photogrammetry, we create reliable and manageable digital plants as a true reflection of existing facilities regardless of age, size or complexity.