Debra Shahar

HR Manager

A commercially minded and people-oriented Human Resources professional, with over 20 years experience in developing and implementing best practice human resource protocols and systems.


Accounts Manager with over 30 years experience in office services responsible for delivery of IQ accounts support including Accounts Management, Payroll, Financial Reporting and Compliance.

Project Manager

Information management, project handover and co-ordination expert. Internationally experienced advisor to multiple mega-projects for both client and contractor. Held senior information management roles for a number of multinational energy companies

Project Manager

Information Management specialist, with superior technical expertise and a pragmatic approach developed over 25+ years in industry. Project manager, technical advisor and systems specialist.

Executive Director

Information Management lead with knowledge and expertise at senior coordination level across mega-projects. Over 30 years of experience including field work and Information Management coordination

Executive Director

Project delivery and handover expert with three decades of experience in the commissioning and handover of oil, gas and infrastructure facilities. Project specification, strategy and delivery specialist across multiple Mega-Projects

Executive Director

Delivery and handover management expert with more than 30 years’ experience in data management. An industry leader in the hands-on implementation of design tools and data management practises.

Executive - Growth & Strategy

Highly Qualified leader and advisor with 3 decades of local and international experience in the energy and resources industry. Paul has a wealth of experience in project delivery growth and executive leadership

Managing Director

An Electrical Engineer with 30 years of field and asset management experience, Adam provides client support in the management of personnel and processes, including operations readiness, asset management and information management.