Critical Information Consolidation and Datasheet Generation

Throughout the lifecycle of assets, information is regularly manipulated by numerous sources in vastly diverse systems. The holistic compilation, validation and presentation of this information is a task which Information Quality are uniquely skilled at and experienced in. Our client, the operator of a network of remote facilities, required standardized datasheets to be developed and populated, to ensure that all information on critical maintainable items was made easily available to all stakeholders.

Having worked closely with the client to generate master Datasheets on critical equipment through data mining, documentation scraping and information extraction it was determined that the remaining information delta could only be fully liquidated through site survey.

Workpacks were developed and site surveys completed in co-ordination with planned maintenance procedures to facilitate optimal information remediation with minimal cost and zero production impact.

Returned information was correlated to existing data, and the consolidated data set curated to ensure a single source of truth for the Engineering Data Warehouse.

The resultant information set and populated datasheets supported the clients best practice operations principles and provided the information foundation for digital operations.