Engineering Systems

Information Quality can assist you to realise the benefits of intelligent engineering systems by developing and implementing clearly defined data and documentation methodologies that incorporate our expertise and experience in the set-up, administration and management of stand-alone and integrated toolsets.

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Information Quality personnel have implemented and managed standalone and integrated engineering solutions for a number of major operators and smaller contractors. We have the expertise to review and implement new solutions or optimise existing implementations.

Our experience across multiple clients and systems ensures that optimal solutions are implemented resulting in increased usability and maximised return on investment.

“Whatever the cost of our libraries, the price is cheap compared to that of an ignorant nation.” Walter Kronkite

Intelligent Engineering

Operations, maintenance and engineering services are increasingly reliant upon intelligent, data-centric solutions.

Information Quality facilitate increased return on intelligent system investment through the application of robust and pragmatic governance models to ensure that end-users can reliably generate up-to-date deliverables throughout the plant lifecycle.

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Information Quality provide application implementation, administration and management support for all industry recognised intelligent engineering systems. Well planned and implemented intelligent systems are crucial to the optimisation of best practice engineering methodologies.

Engineering Systems Architecture

Designing and constructing the correct systems architecture is critical to the exploitation of data development and administration investment.

Information Quality produce engineering and data management system specifications to reflect our clients’ workflows and best practices. Based on the agreed specifications we provide assistance in the selection and implementation of engineering solutions that reflect individual business requirements and risk profiles.

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To fully integrate engineering and asset management information and allow the utilisation of this valuable resource into broader business solutions, intelligent systems must be configured in a structured manner, capturing, utilising and sharing business critical information consistently.

All information stakeholders must be considered in the development of a holistic data architecture, including Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning, Supply Chain, Maintenance and Production.

Information Quality are recognised leaders in the implementation of integrated solutions for Engineering, Maintenance and Data Management. Utilising platform agnostic implementation experts to assist in the development of system architecture ensures that clients receive the optimal toolset and architecture for each job, regardless of software vendors.

Offering in-house, hosted and cloud solutions, Information Quality subject matter experts implement, administer and manage in-house, hosted and cloud solutions for a number of clients in diverse industries and locations. Administration and operation of intelligent systems, whether on greenfields mega projects or existing facilities receive Information Quality’s hallmark attention to detail and holistic data validation regimes.

Engineering Portal

Well developed and implemented engineering portals seamlessly and intuitively connect field, engineering and administrative personnel to the latest data and deliverables required for operations, maintenance and compliance management.

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Information Quality have extensive expertise in the application, optimisation and maintenance of engineering portals, actively assisting clients to specify, implement and manage a broad range of products from desktop project tools through to integrated portals, actively linked to intelligent engineering tools.
Quality engineering system implementation is critical to exploiting the full potential
of engineering information.